Emma Karlsson


I'm Emma. A frontend-developer, CSS-nerd and problem solver.

My interest in web development began in 2020 during lockdown. Stranded in my apartment I bought a course on Udemy and started building simple static websites with HTML and CSS. I would look up from the screen and four hours had gone by. It was magical. Fast forward to today and I’ve graduated from Høyskolen Kristiania’s Frontend program and have since then been freelancing as a developer and designer.

Now I’m eager to learn more and to contribute to larger projects.

When I’m not working I love to cook and eat. And to grow some of the things I cook and eat. I also like to discover new places – a city, country or continent. It doesn’t matter – put me on a plane.


HTML / CSS / Javascript / React.js / Next.js / Tailwind / styled-components / Sanity / Contentful / Framer Motion / Figma / Shopify & Hydrogen / Squarespace

Portrait of Emma Karlsson.